Terror Island
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Terror Island's Cast

This page covers the cast of Terror Island. For information about the characters in the strip, see our Dramatis Personae.


Sid: The role of Sid is played by Professor Plum, from Clue. Plum is a brilliant but absent-minded professor, and was a close friend of the late Reginald Boddy.


Stephen: The role of Stephen is played by White King's Rook, from Chess. Rook has been a stalwart defender of the White King for many years, frequently castling to protect him in battle. He is noted for his mobility.


Liln: The role of Liln is played by Red Foam Piece, from SnaFooz. She fits in with the other five red pieces to form a cube.


York Funhaven: The role of York is played by Thimble, from Monopoly. His interests include sewing and real estate.


Jame: The role of Jame is played by Blue Wink, from Tiddlywinks. He is worth three tiddlies in the pot, and one if left unsquopped on the mat.


Aorist: The role of Aorist is played by Large Green Pyramid, from Icehouse. He can be used for a variety of games, including IceTowers, Zendo, and Martian Chess.

first folio

First Folio: The role of First Folio is played by Green Cranium Piece. A native of Planet Cranium, she passes through various party games in an attempt to reach Cranium Central.

Omicron: The role of Omicron is played by Ray the cat. He is 12 years old, and resides in Palo Alto.


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