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"some photos of chess pieces don't want to buy groceries?"
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Frequently Asked Questions
Why don't you look like your avatars, Gibbs and Lockley?
Actually, we do look like them, they just don't look like us.

Why a photocomic?
Ben has a camera, and we like the way photographs look.

Why gamepieces?
Gamepieces tend to be abstract and iconic. Also, they are often colorful.

What's the deal with Sid and Stephen?
They need groceries, but neither of them wants to be the one to get the groceries.

Why don't Sid and Stephen resolve their grocery dispute by taking turns? Whoever didn't go shopping last should buy the groceries this time.
That would work, except that although Sid and Stephen have both bought groceries before, neither of them was the last to do it! You see, on the first day of June, Sid bought groceries. Then on the next half-day in June, Stephen bought groceries, on the next quarter-day in June, Sid bought groceries again, and so on. During June 2nd, each of them made an infinite number of shopping trips. Then on June 3rd, they realized that this left them in a tricky situation. Since there was no last one (for any given instance of buying groceries, there exists another one that took place later), the turn-taking strategy fails here.

OK, so why don't they go grocery shopping together?
Because that would mean they both lose.

I heard Scott Kurtz was down on your comic, or something, what was the deal with that?
At the 2006 San Diego Comic-Con, we approached Scott Kurtz, who was kind enough to look at some sample strips of ours, and give us feedback. He had some substantive criticisms of our strip, which is described in this forum post. We did and do appreciate Kurtz's input, and it was very nice of him to take the time to give us detailed feedback during the convention.

How do you go about making the strip?
This page contains a detailed guide to our process, broken down step-by-step.

I like the idea of a photocomic about inanimate objects, but could they be a bit more humanoid?
Try Depth of Field, Alien Loves Predator, or Leisuretown.

Wait, not that humanoid. How about one with Lego figures?
You want Irregular Webcomic or Legostar Galactica.

OK, now what if I want a photocomic about actual humans?
We recommend Reprographics or Michael's Exciting Life.

While we're at it, are there any other photocomics you'd like to recommend?
Yes. Fluff in Brooklyn, Tiny Ghosts, and A Softer World.

What if there's a photocomic I like that you haven't mentioned?
Email us and let us know!

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