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Strip #26 — Friday, August 10, 2006
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Ben's Notes

Today is my last day in Empire, Michigan. I'll be back home this evening, and intend to spend several days catching up on webcomics stuff.

It's been great vacationing up here. Swimming in Lake Michigan, watching fireworks, seeing Hot Tuna at the Dunegrass Festival — this would be the perfect place for next year's TerrorIslandCon.

Lewis's Notes

What Ben doesn't know is that I have veto power over the name of our convention, and it damn sure isn't going to be TerrorIslandCon.

Are you smart and articulate? Do you want a venue for voicing your thoughts about webcomics? You should think about trying out for the team. When I write I am fairly wordy, but I don't have the frequency to provide regular enough content for a blog.

We will not be rocket pirates, but that's ok. Ben and I have been talking about starting our own webcomics collective, though primarily we'd be talking about a "collective" in the sense of interlinkage, shared forums, and a sense of companionship. I like the idea, and am all for it, except Ben and I can't be a collective of our one comic. I mean we could, but that's kind of lame. Basically, we want internet friends, and we want to come up with a cool name for our internet friendship. If you are interested, let us know.

OH. I almost forgot. I added a little something for you guys; Piperka Bookmarking. Here's how it works. You go register an account at Piperka, and you can tell it all the webcomics you read, and it keeps track of their updates, so you can just check it to see if the sites you read updated, rather than loading thirty comics over and over. It also keeps track of where you are in the archives, so, say you are starting to read Melonpool, like me. You past the page of the last comic you read from there into a box on your piperka updates page, and it will bookmark the next page in the archives for you. Stellar, I know. Here's what I did. On every page of our archives is a button that says "bookmark". You click that, and it will automatically tell piperka that's where you are. Not that impressive with our 26 strip archives, but later, when we have robust archives, this will be a nice thing I did for you guys.

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