Terror Island
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Strip #66 — Monday, November 13, 2006
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Ben's Notes

I've been waiting for a chance to use a fisheye lens for several months. Back in July, we decided that it should be used to represent the effect of a demon speaking, but there haven't been any demons in the strip until now. I hope you agree that it was worth the wait.

Lewis's Notes

Some awesome guy named Cal did a bunch of transcriptions. I wonder if it's the Cal I know. At any rate, thanks, Cal.

I'm going to take over Ben's webcomic advice/question column. Today's question comes from George Washington Carver Jones, who asks, "How do you tell the difference between all your characters?"

Well George, we don't. If there has been any consistency in naming, &c. so far it has been merely accidental. Thanks for writing in.

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