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Strip #73 — Wednesday, November 28, 2006
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Ben's Notes

Superosity's been around for nearly eight years, and it just now got around to the plot point it's named after. Check out Boardy's line in the first panel of yesterday's strip. I have a feeling this storyline will involve some major changes. If you're not already reading Superosity, this is probably a good time to start.

Lewis's Notes

I think this demon is particularly well suited to possessing Jame. Which is to say, I think there is a nice symmetry between Jame's inability to completely fit in with Liln's friends, and this demon's inability to demonize effectively. You sort of imagine that if he explained what happened in this strip to his demon friends, they would say something like "Sounds like you've got a case of idle hands." Or, "Have you tried looking harder for work?" and then the demon would have to say, "what? I don't get it." and the other demons would say, "You know, work to put those idle hands to."

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