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Strip #77 — Friday, December 8, 2006
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Ben's Notes

There's a lot of overlap between Terror Island fans and chess fans, so you might be interested in Chessudoku, which is basically Sudoku with added constraints based on chess.

It was invented by Matthew Skala, the guy who makes the webcomic Bonobo Conspiracy. He wrote a book of Chessudoku puzzles, which you can get in printed form or as a PDF. If you kind of like the idea of Sudoku, but find it a bit uninteresting in practice, you'll probably enjoy these chess variants.

He gets bonus points for using amazons (fairy chess pieces that can move like queens or knights) in some of the problem types.

Lewis's Notes

I have been spending time writing papers. That takes up a lot of my time. Today I used some "Lewis" time to play Guitar Hero, which a friend lent me. Turns out it is a remarkably awesome game. I realize this is very old news, but it is new to me.

More of you should participate in the forums. They are a good place to hang out, share recipes, and have a good time. I assume that if you are a regular reader of Terror Island, you like having a good time.

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