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Strip #145 — Wednesday, May 16, 2007
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Ben's Notes

Not many people know this, but I have secretly been using the constraint of never photographing the same gamepiece twice. This means that in order to complete today's strip alone, I needed four different copies of Clue. Even though you can't see Sid in the first panel, I had a piece offscreen representing Sid being on the bus. Since the bus windows aren't opaque, I counted bus shots as including Sid, even though, technically, the camera didn't capture him.

I wrote Ben's comments today. -Lewis

Lewis's Notes

The most awesome occupation I ever said I wanted to be when I grew up was "Puppy Dog." This is awesome for three reasons:

First, puppy dogs are objectively awesome.

Second, puppy dog isn't a career, it is a type of animal, but I wasn't going to let that stop me.

Third, and most importantly, my goal, as a child, for when I grew up, was to be the canine equivalent of a child. So, my goal was to not so much grow up and get a job, as turn into a dog that was roughly the same age as me.

So much for childhood dreams.

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