Terror Island
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Strip #164 — Friday, June 29, 2007
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Ben's Notes

The unity's meant to be a funny character or group of characters, but it actually kind of creeps me out sometimes. Of all the gamepieces we use in the strip, it seems the most likely to come to life while I'm asleep.

I wonder if that would mean just three pieces coming to life, or if the sets of backups I have would also be animated. There could potentially be nine moving parts, all representing one character.

Lewis's Notes

Ben and I assumed that you can label any stance you want as "preserving the balance" as long as some sort of eerily knowledgeable character is the one making the proclamations, since you would need to specify what is being balanced against what before you could see if it is true or false.

Luckily, the Unity knows more about what needs balancing against what in the TIverse than Ben and I do, so we're just going to follow its lead.

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