Terror Island
"some photos of chess pieces don't want to buy groceries?"
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Strip #317 — Friday, June 20, 2008
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Ben's Notes

A lossy process involves discarding some information. For example, some methods of compressing image files will result in multiple similar inputs giving the same result, ideally one that looks so much like all those inputs that you won't notice much difference.

The JPEG format we use to make Terror Island is lossy, which is one reason that I keep the original photos around in addition to the strips as you see them. The other reason is that I compulsively hoard data in general.

Lewis's Notes

The thing that's great about Wikipedia is that no matter how ridiculous of an idea I come up with, they have beaten me to it. For example, tonight, I was talking to Ben about the Four Color Theorem, and how some people propose bizarre attempts at counterexamples. I mentioned that it would be more interesting to read someone who, in earnest, kept trying to point out that mapmakers have access to many colors, and even the poorest of map-makers could easily have upwards of ten or twenty colors at their disposal, making the whole question moot.

Suffice to say, Wikipedia was way ahead of me on this, and has already taken to treating these very serious concerns. There should be some sort of award for being the best at systematically missing the point. Something like, "Outstanding Achievement in the Use of Tree-spotting to Avoid Forest Observation".

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