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Strip #29 — Friday, August 17, 2006
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Ben's Notes

The original example sentence for panel 3 was something like "His stair worried me." I'm pretty glad that we fixed that. Other than that, not much to say here. Oh, important note: these spelling bee strips are still all using photographs I took while in Michigan. So if I had decided yesterday that Stephen should be wearing a funny hat while spelling "stare," I would be out of luck. I'm living on the edge.

Lewis's Notes

Strip #1 is doing well in the webcomic battle (three straight wins), and we got mentioned on Webcomicker. Not a bad couple of days for the comic (side note: Gil called us "The photocomic that's not a photocomic", which Ben and I like so much that it's our new tagline).

Also, if you've been paying attention to who's in and who's out, you'll note that everyone has been eliminated but Liln. What awaits in the aftermath of the spelling bee?

You'll have to check back Monday to see.

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