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Strip #39 — Monday, September 11, 2006
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Ben's Notes

Industry-specific publications are always funny. Not really funny in a punchline sense, necessarily, but still funny.

Floor Covering Weekly is one of my favorites. Did you know that they interviewed the Coen Brothers for it once, because the plot of The Big Lebowski is motivated by a carpet? If you don't believe me, check the DVD extras. They mention it there.

Speaking of floor coverings, to get the effect of the red surface Jame is standing on, I used a Scrabble box. (The nice version distributed by Selchow & Righter in the seventies.)

Lewis's Notes

If Jame were wackier, we would have had more fun naming his restaurant. Here are some names we considered: (1) Peanut Butter and Jame's, (2) The Jameteria, (3) "Planet Pizarro", (4) Jame Difference, (5) The International House of Jamecakes, and (6) The Cuisinarium.

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