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Strip #40 — Wednesday, September 13, 2006
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Ben's Notes

Lewis and I are both big fans of DC's Bizarro World comics. It's a whacky backwards place where "Dog Bites Man" is more newsworthy than "Man Bites Dog," parents punish their kids for getting good grades, the world government headquarters is in the Upright Tower of Pisa, and women give engagement rings to men! Also, when you say the drinks are "on the house" in a Bizarro bar, you then fly up and literally pour the drinks on the house. That's the opposite of Earth, where "on the house" is a figure of speech.

Lewis's Notes

My favorite Bizarro moments are as follows.

Moment the first: In the opening of one Bizarro comic, they were doing the usual "things are so backwards/opposite on Bizarro world" schtick, and one of their examples was that people put bombs in birthday cakes there. I was talking with Ben and we concurred that, in fact, that is the opposite of what we here on Earth do; namely, not put bombs inside cakes.

Moment the second: Immediately before DC had their massive continuity reboot with the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Alan Moore gave us one of the greatest Superman comics of all time, "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?"

This is your spoiler warning, by the way.

Bizarro goes crazy, in a way that dwarfs his normal amount of crazy. Superman is called in because Bizarro is tearing up the town. Superman confronts him and asks why he is rampaging. Bizarro explains, "Ha! That easy! It am part of genius Bizarro self-improvement plan!"

"See, Me suddenly realize that me am not perfect imperfect duplicate! Maybe me not trying hard enough. Example: When your planet Krypton blow up by accident, you am coming to Earth as baby..." "...So me decide to blow up whole Bizarro world on purpose and come to Earth as adult!"

Bizarro then takes out some blue kryptonite, which is the kind that kills Bizarros, and says, "See...you am alive, Superman...And if me am perfect imperfect duplicate, then me have to be...h-have to be..."

"Uh..everything, him go d-dark..." "Hello, Superman. Hello."

Find and read that comic. It is superb.

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