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Strip #42 — Monday, September 18, 2006
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Ben's Notes

Do any of the photographs in today's flashback sequence look familiar to you? Believe it or not, they're actually all authentic copies of the artwork we used back when the original events were taking place. If you go through the archives, you can verify this for yourself.

Even though I didn't have to take any new photos, this strip was somewhat difficult to make, just because of the flashback writing style. I suppose that's the price we pay for not sticking to linear time in telling the story.

Lewis's Notes

I've been watching a lot of Lost, and, as with many ongoing-story type tv shows, they remind you at the outset of an episode some relevant plot points. Ben and I decided that we should do a Terror Islandesque take on "Previouslies", making use of our quirky style of flashback-ing. That way, instead of this being completely boring recycling of material, it is an inventive recap which should bring new readers up to speed, and give old readers a chuckle. Also, it should give you all some insight into precisely what the next story arc is going to be.

By the way, for minimizing your frustration while watching Lost, I recommend doing it over a weekend where you can watch all of seasons one and two in three days. It makes the constant cliffhangers way less annoying.

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