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Strip #43 — Wednesday, September 20, 2006
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Ben's Notes

This set was fun to prepare. There's a lot more going on in it than you can see in today's strip, but don't worry, you'll find out more about Famous Jame's before we're done.

The lighting here uses the same clip-on lights from strip #13, but arranged differently. I should probably get around to acquiring a good lighting setup for general use, so that I won't have to rely on the flash as much as I have in the past.

Lewis's Notes

The unit on Aristotle in the class I TA has ended, so people in my life will probably notice a sharp dropoff in the frequency with which I discuss Aristotle.

Unless, perhaps, they are distracted by how much I now talk about Hume.

As for the comic, it seems like Ben and I deduced this plotline a really long time ago. I guess it was one of our earlier proofs.

That reminds me, if you want to use technical terminology, each strip of the comic is a theorem. The writing process is called "proving". So instead of saying "Ben and Lewis knew what they were doing when they wrote strip 25" you could say, "Lewis and Ben made no errors when they proved Theorem 25." This is the sort of thing you could say at cocktail parties to sound smart and/or awesome.

By the way, I chose 25 at random. In case that worries you, I should clarify that while the strip itself is logically necessary, these notes are definitely contingent. As a result, you get a nice mixture of the necessary with the merely contingent, without diluting the comic itself. I write my comments by channeling a spirit (luckily, it is my own spirit). I think Ben uses haruspicy for his. You'd have to ask.

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