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"some photos of chess pieces don't want to buy groceries?"
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Strip #58 — Wednesday, October 25, 2006
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Ben's Notes

You may remember the customers in panel 4 from strip #53. It's nice to see that the one whose lawnmower was stolen apparently doesn't hold a grudge. I hope the thief guy doesn't end up stealing his food.

Lewis's Notes

First things first. We have an FAQ. If you have questions not answered there, feel free to ask us.

Secondly, Gunpowder Jackson has heart. That is undeniable. Also, it's provable in our system, as evidenced by this theorem (#58).

You may be wondering some things, like "Why does Jame have a giant copper ball in his restaurant?" and "Did he really let someone stand on a ball which was on a table, balancing bread on his head during business hours?" The answers to those questions are "I wouldn't say that he let him" and "in case it comes in handy" (anti-respectively).

If the waiter had been around (the waiter being the character portrayed by the old-school red wooden parcheesi token, for those of you who can identify game pieces but not follow the occupations of characters in the strip), I think he would have decided that Gunpowder's salary was likely to be money well spent.

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