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Strip #84 — Christmas Day, December 25, 2006
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Ben's Notes

An alert reader pointed out to me that to her, the lines of toothpaste in strips #82 and #83 looked larger than the opening at the end of the tube of toothpaste. She further expressed confusion as to how this could be.

As with many other brands of toothpaste, Hobson's Toothpaste tubes are designed with a special chamber before the nozzle, to compress the toothpaste so that it will flare outward as it leaves the tube. I had thought this was conveyed adequately in the strip, but apparently it was easy to miss.

Lewis's Notes

In the Christmas Sprit (or, belated Chanukah spirit, if you will), I would like to send out some thanks and whatnot.

Thanks to Adam Greengard, Miles Grover, Amanda Wood, Gil Palleon, Ryan North, and Randall Munroe, for either themselves linking to the comic, or hosting forums where the comic was linked.

Also thanks to Ben for kickin' it real (aka: updating the webpage) when I was hip deep in end of the semester work.

Finally, thanks to the geniuses who made Guitar Hero II, that game is totally awesome.

Post-finally, I totally forgot about Obdormio, Chris Yates and Lauren Tozer-Kilts.

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