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Strip #85 — Wednesday, December 27, 2006
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Ben's Notes

I received a letter from loyal reader Leo Backgammon, who writes: "I design toothpaste tubes for a living, and Ben's comments on strip #84 make no sense. It's almost as though he has no idea how toothpaste works, and was just rambling in order to fill space."

Thank you for writing in, Leo. The ease of communicating with fans is one of the things I like most about webcomicry. However, regarding the points you raised in your fan letter, I disagree completely.

Lewis's Notes

Our normal update schedule does not work as well when Ben and I are two hours apart. We got this one done, but I was already supposed to be asleep by the time we finished. Basically, my comments would be some clever jokes and then instruction for you to vote for us in the webcomic battle.

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