Terror Island
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Strip #228 — Monday, November 26, 2007
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Ben's Notes

I might as well mention it, since you'd probably hear about it eventually anyway. Sonty Mick reviewed Terror Island, and he said some very cutting and spiteful things.

This came as a total shock, especially after I went out of my way a few days ago to say some kind words about him. Sonty Mick's really crossed a line here. I used to like his blog when he was tearing apart other webcomics, but it's completely different now that he's targeting us. How dare he do this to Terror Island?

Sonty Mick, I hope someday you'll go back to criticizing webcomics that actually deserve it. You used to be funny before you started being so unfair to me and people like me.

You are no longer the Terror Island "Pick" of Webcomic Review Blogs.

Lewis's Notes

I had hoped no one noticed we were a King of the Hill rip off. I guess we're going to work on taking Sonty's advice.

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